House Moving Company in Abu Dhabi

House Moving Company in Abu Dhabi

Moving sure is a hectic activity but not only that, it comes with a lot of risk too if you do not do proper research while selecting and hiring a house moving company in Abu Dhabi. Here are 8 ways you can avoid scams by doing a proper check of the moving company.

1.     Go for an experienced house moving company in Abu Dhabi

A company that has long been in the moving business and that has a good and happy portfolio of customers is more likely to provide you a flawless moving experience. A good company will never involve in any scams to spoil and tarnish its goodwill because it wants to stay in the business for long.

2.     Make sure employees are bonded

When hiring a house moving company in Abu Dhabi, make sure to ask the company if their employees are bonded. Some companies hire contractual employees and in case of any theft or damage by the company, they cannot be accounted for since they are not part of the company payroll and can get away with the crime. If employees are bonded they can be held accountable and also make sure that the company provides insurance against these damages by the company.

3.     Get references from the company

Whatever house moving company in Abu Dhabi you choose, make sure to ask for references. If they are good, they will not hesitate to provide you contact details of a couple of satisfied customers so that you can talk about how their experience was with the company in question. This also shows how serious and willing they are to get a customer on board. If a company hesitates or gives excuses, take no time to cross them off the list.

4.     Plan in advance

Six months in advance is a good enough time to do your homework in selecting the best movers. This gives you a good enough window to find the most appropriate movers, fitting your needs and budget.


5.     Take in everything in written

A reliable house moving company in Abu Dhabi will provide a complete contract with all the clauses and conditions in written with company letterhead. Make sure that this contract also includes any additional terms that you have negotiated with the company. A lack of written paperwork and absent terms and money figures, are a good enough sign of moving scams.

6.     Large deposit requirements

Good companies would ask for a mere sum to be deposited before the move but companies involved in scams would always ask for more a large amount of deposit before the move which is both questionable and unreasonable. This should ring warning bells for you in advance.

7.     Internet Only Companies

Beware of companies that only have an online presence. Select a company that has a physical office and location, preferably close to your current place. Online companies are usually involved in scams because you don’t know where to find them, if things go bad.

8.     The company trucks

Look at the condition of the moving trucks. If they are well maintained, it says a lot about the company and their work ethics and professionalism.

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